Worried About Oral Cancer? See the Best Dentist for Emergency Dental Care

Across the world, with each passing day, several people are dying due to oral cancer. According to a survey conducted by FAIR Health – an independent nonprofit organization “Oral Cancer is on the Rise amongst the American men.” Also, there has been a sudden rise of 61 percent in the health insurance claims from 2011 to 2015. Even Val Kilmer, the renowned actor who played “Batman” and the author in the one-man show “Citizen Twain,” is fighting with oral cancer as revealed by his friend and former co-star Michael Douglas.

Oral Cancer is Curable but….

Oral Cancer should never be considered one of the fatal diseases. If caught early, it is 80-90% curable in maximum instances. It is one of the few cancers where the patient need not undergo a special cancer detecting test, an elaborate equipment to discover it, and an invasive procedure. With naked eyes, one can witness the subtle tissue changes. It can also be felt with fingers. If you happen to detect or come across, there is really no good reason that it should be ignored or should not be taken care of.

Role of Dental Surgeons and Emergency Dental Care

Dental clinics providing emergency dental care in Stone Oak, Texas play an instrumental role in detecting oral cancer at an early stage. Dental Surgeons can help in determining whether or not oral cancer can be brought down from its high ranking as a killer disease via oral medication or surgery. Increased awareness and aggressive campaigns directed at early detection have had the greatest impact in battling most cancers.

For example, it is annually recommended to get a Papanicolaou (PAP) smear in the case of cervical cancer, a mammogram in the case of breast cancer or PSA and digital rectal exams for prostate cancer. The oral cancer screenings in the recent past have been successful because the public as a whole has become more aware combined with a team of motivated doctors who recommend and conduct the examination.

Oral Cancer Screening and Inspection

Oral cancer visual inspection by trained health workers is very cost effective, it can very easily be carried out for a reasonable amount per person. The price of screening is only the small percentage of the burden caused by oral cancer on the economic health of the country. For, if the human resource of the country will be in good health, then surely in one way or the other they will contribute to the growth of the economy.

Final words…

Hence, it is high time that both general public and dental surgeons realize that a visit to the best dental clinic for emergency dental care in Stone Oak, Texas can be a matter of life and death individually.

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